Our Strategic Priorities

Strategic objectives are ongoing improvement activities. They do not typically have an endpoint, instead they are the things we undertake on a daily basis to enable everyone in our community to ‘flourish in the love of God.’

Strategic objectives

Creating a deeply Christian, inclusive, nurturing and aspirational culture.
To inspire our children with quality teaching of an ambitious, aspirational and inclusive curriculum, that prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.
We will continue to improve the quality of teaching and reduce the impact of disadvantage, so that our pupils achieve great outcomes and improve their life chances.
We will develop our people strategy, ensuring our staff at all levels feel valued and have opportunities to grow personally, professionally and spiritually within Elements Trust.
To make effective use of resources, such that our academies flourish.
We will ensure that Elements Trust can grow in a measured and sustainable way supported by highly effective governance and central services . Expert leadership, a resilient workforce and civic duty are central to longevity and sustainability as well as the future development and growth as a Trust.

Key Performance Indicators


Schools1. All schools are evaluated as being at least good and living up to its foundation as a church school, within 24 months of joining the Trust, evidenced in time by both OFSTED and SIAMS.

2. Aggregate outcomes are in line with national averages, with gaps closing for disadvantaged pupils.

3. Attendance and exclusion rates are in line with averages.


4. Absence rates reduce year-on-year and staff levels of satisfaction increase.

5. Leaders grow from within the Trust – all staff have opportunities to progress.

Resources6. The Trust maintains a healthy financial position in line with the Reserves Policy.

Elements Trust Strategy 2023 – 2026

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