Vision and Values


Our vision has been developed to enable the coming together of like-minded Primary Schools in Dudley – schools that are separate, discrete elements that choose to coalesce as a cohesive whole to speak with one shared voice in education within the Borough of Dudley. Each person in these school communities, children, and adults alike, are also elements in bringing to fruition an education that enables their own flourishing and that of others. They are unique individuals, each with their own agency and characteristics, but who have an exponential effect when working together with a shared vision and purpose. Our vision is to ensure the life chances and educational achievements of all children in our schools are great because they ‘flourish in the love of God’ through being a part of our strong trust. 


Our vision is deeply rooted in, and is an outworking of, the Church of England’s Vision for Education. Elements Diocesan Learning Trust is committed in being ‘Deeply Christian: Serving the Common Good’, inspired by the particular scripture in John 10:10 where Jesus declares ‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’.  

These words, combined with the vision’s four main guiding elements -educating for Wisdom, Knowledge & Skills; Hope & Aspiration; Community & Living Well Together; and Dignity & Respect form the core vision for Elements Diocesan Learning Trust and are our key drivers for success.

Living out our Christian values

As a Church of England trust, we place our Christian values at the heart of all that we do.


The decisions we take are wise and are based on informed discussions and evidence and aimed at ensuring we achieve the best outcomes for all without forsaking our values


We have hope for a positive future and always finding positive outcomes


We are honest with all inside and outside our organisation, whilst being sensitive to how we deliver these messages

Community and Helpfulness

We work in co-operation and partnership with all staff and wider stakeholders

Dignity and compassion 

We treat all those within and outside our organisation with dignity, irrespective of the circumstances, and we show everyone compassion for the difficulties that they are experiencing 


We are respectful to all, dedicated to ensuring inclusivity and diversity with those that we work with and for others that meet and our actions may affect.  


We have strong principles rooted in our Christian mission that lead our actions and decisions 

Our values are founded in a Christian tradition which celebrates humanity’s unique role in the world and sets robust expectations for living life well. They set a foundation for our work, directly contributing to the aims of education, as we aim to enable everyone in our community, children and adults to ‘flourish in the love of God’.  

As Jesus commanded us to love God and one another, so we offer hospitality, compassion, and respect, accepting and celebrating the diversity of God’s creation, with everyone knowing they are valued. This is exemplified through our care and helpfulness towards others, especially those in need, knowing the worth of belonging to our immediate and wider communities. Following the profound example of Christ, the trust aims to carry out its work with wisdom, considering all appropriate factors and putting our children and young people first. God’s power enables us to work with integrity, as we carry out our Christian mission. This value highlights the duty of the trust to contribute to aspirational and hopeful futures for the children and young people we serve. 

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