Central Trust Services

Providing an outstanding education for each and every child within Elements Diocesan Learning Trust starts with establishing robust foundations on which to build. The Central Trust Services have been developed through a determination to ensure the necessary structures, roles and relationships are in place to support Elements leaders and strengthen academy effectiveness.

  • Provision of Trust Members for the Elements
  • Provision of Directors/Trustees for the Elements
  • Trust salaries including CEO (Accounting Officer), Finance Director (Chief Financial Officer – CFO), Data Protection Officer, Central Finance Team, Academy Improvement Lead, Company Secretary and Central Administration
  • Basic telephone and e-mail advice and support as required
  • Annual Elements Headteacher conference or diocesan equivalent
  • Facilitated academy to academy collaborative networks
  • Access to and information on education resources via electronic mailings and the Elements website
  • Access to new Headteacher Induction / mentoring support
  • Strong Trust relationships with the LA, Department for Education (DfE), Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and
  • Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) at a strategic Elements level
  • Strong Trust relationships with the Diocesan Board of Finance (DBF), Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) and Diocesan Multi-Academy Trust (DoWMAT)
  • Succession planning / talent management
  • Risk management at a Trust level
  • Support through the SIAMS and Ofsted inspection process
  • Crisis Management Support / Bereavement Support
  • Support with negotiations with the Local Authority (LA) on all individual academy matters
  • Negotiations with the LA on academy matters at a strategic level
  • Provision of Company Secretary

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