Trust Non-negotiables / Standardisation

The Trust will not seek to remove individual school autonomy but will introduce some elements of standardisation to support Trust wide development and alignment.

School systems for planning and curriculum delivery will be retained by individual schools to allow for autonomy.

There are some aspects of standardisation that will be implemented to allow for effective collaboration and reporting across the Trust. This will include:

  • A Trust wide assessment system (identified as Arbor) that allows all schools and the Central Team to access assessment information
  • Standard Trust reporting formats to be shared with the Trust on Termly¬†basis
  • Standard School Development Plan / Self- Evaluation and Target setting documentation
  • Reports to schools from SEAs and External parties will use a recognised, Trust wide format
  • Peer review documentation will apply Trust wide
  • Some agreed policies will be applied Trust wide in consultation with School Leaders to include performance appraisal, code of conduct etc.
  • Agreed Trust wide training days to allow for shared professional development

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