Trust Governance

Elements Diocesan learning Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust specialising in Primary Education within the Dudley Area

Our Governance Model is different to the way a governing body of a school operates. There are two parts to the governance of Academies. Local governance is delivered through the Local School Boards and Trust governance is delivered through the Board of Trustees, also called Directors.

The local school boards support the Trust board in understanding the local needs and context of each school, and in the monitoring of school operations.

The school boards are important as they have a much more nuanced understanding of how their individual schools and local communities work and can provide invaluable insight to the board of trustees.

The board of trustees decides whether to have LSBs, how many, which schools will have one, and what responsibilities they delegate to them. More information can be found in our Scheme of Delegation (also available on our website).
The Board of Trustees works closely with the school leaders and the Diocesan Board of Education. The Trust board is legally responsible for all its academies.

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